“Put these socks in your chest…!”

During the First World War, mothers who sent their units to defend Serbia, greeted them through the first soldier they saw or called them, hoping that they were in the regiment passing by their village. One of the mothers remained recorded in time because, together with the army, she searched the battlefields for her son Marinko Spasojević from his mother Makrena Spasojević.

“Son! Maybe my son Marinko will pass by you, so tell him that his mother is looking for him because he forgot to bring something from home. “

Makrena’s mother spoke to every soldier she saw, until one day she met King Peter I in snow-covered Albania. She knelt before him and said:

“Uncle Pero, crown your and military courage! Find my son who I just taught him to walk, already put the rifle in his hands. I crossed every battlefield, but I did not find it among the other sons. Put these socks in your chest, and when you find it, put it on my son’s feet. “

King Peter took woolen socks and promised his mother that he would find her son. He could not fulfill his promise because Marinko died.

When the Golgotha ​​of the First World War passed, King Peter was looking for his mother Makrena, but she died of grief for her son at his grave. Upon learning that she had died, King Peter ordered a monument to be erected to her that read:

“This monument was erected by Petar Karadjordjevic to Makrena Spasojevic, who lies here, and to her son Marinko, who calms down with an eternal dream in the ravines of Albania.”

Uncle Pera kept his woolen socks under his pillow, and when he felt that the end was near, he asked them to put his socks on. The shocking event remained retold and recorded.

The communist authorities ordered that the monument be demolished because King Peter is mentioned on it. The monument was renovated in 2011 by the Association of Serbian Hosts, and it still stands today in the village of Slovac near Lajkovac.

Author: Alexander of Belgrade (Except for the conversation, the rest is part of the real event)

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