When did the first car come to Belgrade?

The first car arrived in Belgrade on April 3, 1903, and it was a Neselsdorf brand from the Czech Tatra factory. It was bought by the reserve officer Boža Radulović for 17,000 Austro-Hungarian crowns, which was a huge amount of money at the time, with the help of his father, who was a rich merchant.

However, as Boža did not know how to drive the vehicle, he hired the driver Sreten Kostić, who is officially the first Serbian driver. He drove “Nesseldorf” along Nemanjina Street, which was a real attraction on the streets of Belgrade.

Boža went bankrupt very quickly, but he kept the car in order to maintain the status of a wealthy man. That is why there is an anecdote that is retold even today, and besides Boža, the main actor is Stevan Sremac (Serbian writer).

Boži stopped the car in Kneza Miloša near “London” ( building) and as he asked for help in the cafe from anyone who would help him push the car, Stevan Sremac was there and added:

“Help the unfortunate Boža to move his only real estate.”

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