Why is April 19 celebrated?

On April 19, 1867, 21 cannons sounded from Kalemegdan, and the sound of church bells filled Belgrade. The choir overpowered the bells while singing the anthem “Greetings to the Prince”. The gathered people from all parts of Serbia gathered that day to see again the Serbian flag on the Belgrade Fortress and the departure of the Turkish army.

The last Turkish commander, Ali Riza Pasha, solemnly handed over the keys to Belgrade to Prince Mihailo Obrenovic at the entrance to Kalemegdan, and Smederevo, Kladovo, Sokol, Uzice and Sabac were also liberated.

The Turkish commander of the Belgrade fortress, Ali Riza-pasha, left Belgrade on April 25, 1867, and the day before, the last Turkish soldier left the capital. It is little known that the Turkish army was accompanied by the melody of the song “Dutch Farewell”.

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